More Layer Cake…with a side of vegetables

YHC led 17 PAX in the gloom this AM for a healthy dose of layer cake. As I shared with some, this workout was copied from a Black Widow workout (F3 Metro region) I did in Charlotte over the Christmas holiday. It was great to see Horny back out for his 2nd posting!

The PAX: Horny, Potter, Chaingang, Big Apple, Rambo, CurveBall, Radar, Scout, Billboard, CIA, Manhole, Box Checker, Cashbox, Suds, Guard Dawg, Dubya, (one more- cobains!)

Warm-up: SSH IC x 21, IW’s IC x 14, Follow me down to track for 100 meters high knees, 100 meters butt-kickers. Over to pile of coupons. Everyone grab a coupon of your choice. Follow me, slow mosey, up Vanderlyn to DHS back entrance stop sign. Arm curls for the six.

The Thang: Layer Cake-

Station 1: back corner of tennis courts driveway. 5 jump over bupees (Potter style- with clap)

Station 2: carry your coupon up to first parking lot left turn for: 10 staggered merkins- alternate hands with one on the coupon, one on the ground

Station 3: 15 dips at benches at front of DHS

Station 4: 30 Turkish Get Ups at DHS main entrance.

Station Order: 1-2-1-2-3-2-1-2-3-4-3-2-1-2-3-2-1-2-1

Solid work by Curveball and Chaingang!

Thanks to Potter for taking us out.

And a special thanks to Guard Dawg for his generous gifts: various bags of fresh vegetables from Jaemor Farms!

Announcements: We will be LEAVING DHS parking lot this Thursday at 5:15 for the 1st Annual Stone Mountain Summit run. A few guys have passes, so we’ll carpool. OR: meet us there a little prior to 6AM start.

Also- we will be having the normal 6AM beatdown at DHS this Thursday, Q’d by Rambo!



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