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AO: The Widowmaker

When: 06/27/2020

QIC: dosido

PAX (12): NRA, zohan, boomer, devito, miller time, white claw, ha-ha, dosido, pinky, nacho libre, hot sauce, and saint20


YHC hasn’t taken a Q for a while and there’s no real excuse for it, it’s just the way it went. But excitement began creeping into my system Friday night while planning the festivities for this morning. I had the pleasure of leading a group of wily veterans along with one nearly new guy in NRA, who did great by the way. Here’s how it went down:


ditching the conventional, predictable, and frankly boring warmup exercises YHC instead went with a mix sure to warm up the appropriate muscle groups we’d be using later in the beatdown. We mosey’d up through the lower lot to the trail heading towards the bridge then around and back down to the upper lot to circle up for the following: 3 burpees OYO, 15 plank janks IC, 5 burpees OYO, 10 merkins IC, then 7 burpees OYO. Mosey up and back down around the lot to enter the soccer field for the following:

The Thang:

Dora 1,2,3.

100 burpees shared, running distance was goal to goal from start to finish
200 american hammers
300 mountain climbers

Sufficiently past warm status and entering hot territory, we mosey’d to the bottom of Widowmaker hill where lo and behold YHC had parked his vehicle full of high-density cinder blocks, 38lbs of pleasure.

25 horizontal bench presses, then carry your block to the bottom of the circle and back
25 flutter kicks holding block directly over your face, carry block down and back
25 thrusters (very fun) then carry block down and back

25 curls, then sprint to manhole cover and back- NO cinder block
25 chest presses then to manhole and back
25 squats then manhole and back
25 bent over rows but stay in place. Six comes in, all PAX return cinders to the SUV.

Up the hill was a chasing game of 1 PAX running backwards and the partner performing 3 burpees then sprinting forward to catch up. Switch roles until the ascent is complete. Gassed, we took a ten count then headed to the flag

4 mins to spare we utilized the stairs. at the top start with 1 merkin, run down then back up, continue adding 1 merkin at the top. most PAX hit 5 or 6 trips up, then time was called


During COT we prayed for devito’s wife and for white claw’s mother, or was it his mother-in-law, I sincerely apologize for forgetting which it was. I really enjoyed leading today, I just hope it was worthy enough to challenge some of our supremely fit PAX.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great to see Devito again, who looks more chiseled than ever
Millertime who seems like he’s not even trying when running up hills
Boomer who remains in untouchable overall physical condition
Nacho who was nipping at boomer’s heals on those hills…
NRA who, for a new guy showed a lot of heart and had fantastic form during some of these exercises
Saint20 who always has a smile on his face, except on widowmaker hill, but everywhere else, he’s smiling
Hot sauce who can always be counted on to need several explanations because his music is too loud. i kid
Zohan who continues to improve and impress every week
White claw who also seems to eat hills for breakfast. and lunch. and dinner.
Ha-Ha…fifty what?? enough said. he’s a beast
Pinky who has crept into my mind as one of the most consistent PAX, and has inspired me to post more often
peace out

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