Late Q Round 2

AO: Brimstone

When: 06/26/2020

QIC: White Claw

PAX (10): Raider, Windex, Aflac, Squeegee, Bear, Juul, I-Beam, Switch, Sellout


After a pre-run to The Wreck from Brimstone and a brisk beatdown with at least one PAX verbally sharing their misery.  It was time for 8 PAX looking to beef up to run from The Wreck back to the Brimstone with limited time.  Probably would’ve made it on time if the 8:30 pace was picked up a little but there was some much needed recovery time and hydration was a must.  It was decided we would start and end 5 minutes late to get the full BD in.  Raider and Windex were ready and waiting.


No FNGs so sensing a little fatigue YHC said you know the drill let’s Cusack down to the corner of the parking lot with our coupons.  Felt pretty warm already but we had 2 PAX that were with us on the double dip journey so we did some SSH, Peter Parkers, and Mountain Climbers to loosen up.  Followed up with a Colt 45 coupon warm up.  15 curls half way up, 15 curls halfway to full, then 15 full extension curls.  Midway through there was some chatter about what the workout was.  I-Beam with a little concern said, “There’s no running, right?”  YHC didn’t say anything but the sense of joy had returned.

The Thang:

After WOR we partnered up for some Flora 1-2-3.  Partners combined for 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 Goblet Squats.  Partner A would do 10 push ups while Partner B would plank both with feet on coupon at all times.  Flapjack and proceed to 100 alternating every 10 reps.  Same thing with the LBCs, Partner A would do 20 LBCs w/ coupon while Partner B held feet 6″ off the ground w/coupon straight up above chest, alternating to 200.  Goblet Squats were 25 reps w/ coupon by Partner A while Partner B held low Goblet Squat position w/ coupon, alternating to 300.


Next we moved on to something called the Gorilla Complex.  OYO PAX w/ coupon would do 8 Curls, 8 High Pulls, 8 Shoulder Presses, 8 Skull Crushers, 8 Merkins, and then run to the large median and back.  Rinse and repeat 8 times.  About halfway through Squeege felt it necessary to poke the bear or in this case the duck.  That’s when some controversy started swirling in YHCs head about what was actually in the water bottle to hydrate before the BD.  The pace picked up and the relentless taunts started.  Taunts were not returned but will not be forgotten and were filed away.  Around the same time a bad case of cottonmouth had settled in and YHCs hydrating substance was determined to be subpar.  Dehydration is real but the end was in sight.

Cusack back to start w/ coupons for a few minutes of Mary, Man Makers and Diamonds.  The fatigue in the PAX was at an all time high at this point when different PAX were calling for different exercises.  There was a little snarl from a grumpy bear about “let the man Q” but alas time was called.


Made it through count-o-rama and name-o-rama but PAX started to scatter after that so we didn’t get the full circle of trust in.  YHC didn’t have the energy to bring PAX back together.  It was time for CLC.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

The Ocho made it through over two hours of running, various exercises, and ended up with depending on what devices you use about 8 miles in distance.  Hopefully it that’s just the first time and not the last.

It was a pleasure today boys to lead two back to back beatdowns.  I was surprised that I could get 7 other people to wanna join in the fun and chaos but completely energized and excited when the time came to see the faces that wanted in too.  I was never a runner before I joined F3.  I mostly played bball and lifted weights.  Now with all these pre-runs, beat downs, and crazy challenges I feel like I have reached a new level in the world of fitness.  I could barely run a mile before without wanting to stop now I can rip off 5 mile runs like a walk in the park.  The camaraderie and the men I have met in F3 are second to none.  It feels good to be apart of something that feels bigger while also trying to make personal improvements.  All in all I look forward to continuing this F3 journey with a strong group of men that are there to serve their community and others in need.  LFG


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