Early Q Round 1

AO: The Wreck

When: 06/26/2020

QIC: White Claw

PAX (15): Aflac, Squeegee, I-Beam, Doogie, Bear, Tubbs, Switch, Mad Dog, Cutie, Ozzy, Sellout, Juul, Polaroid, Backside


We had 7 pre-runners start off at Brimstone looking to double dip on the beatdowns this morning.  YHC was impressed with the turnout, things are looking up this morning.  Ran into Squeegee (either had to much fun at the pool yesterday or got lost in the slack madness) half way to The Wreck to put us at 8 strong.


No FNGs so disclaimer was short.  Moseyed up to the parking lot for some SSH, Weedpickers, Windmills, and Hillbillies.



The Thang:

After WOR we moseyed over to the bottom of the hill for Burp Back Mountain.  Partner A does Burpees at the bottom of the hill while Partner B runs backwards up the hill and back down 3x.  Partners keep alternating Burpees and going backwards up the hill 3x until partners combine reach 100 Burpees.  Heard a few groans at 100 Burpees which made YHC feel good.  In other news we may have found Aflac’s kryptonite, going up hills backward.

Next we hit the football field for a quick pop quiz on which Rush song this next routine was named after with no context on the workout.  There was only one contestant for this pop quiz and after a few seconds Red Barchetta was shouted out.  The routine is a series of sprints starting at the goal line.  First one is 100 yards followed by 100 SSH then mosey back to starting point.  Second 75 yards with 75 Mountain Climbers.  Third 50 yards with 50 Alpha count American Hammers.  Fourth 25 yards with 25 merkins.  Last was 10 yards with 10 Burpees.

Moved over to the corner of the field for a round of Mucho Chesto.  20 reps at each corner of Merkins, Diamond, Wide, Off Set Right, and Off Set Left for a total of 100.

With plenty of time left we moved back to the goal line for a little Apple Turnover.  This is alternating Bear Crawl and Crab Walk every 10 yards to the other goal line.  Halfway through Doogie looks over and says, “Thanks for making my first time back miserable”.  YHC mumbled back something about it being Friday but felt an overwhelming sense of joy.

Finished off with Escalating Burpee Dans.  1 Burpee for every 4 count of lunges and keep the 1:4 count ratio but go up so 2:8, 4:12, and so on.  Close to finishing but hear some mumble chatter about the time.  YHC is well aware.

Mosey back to the flag for a quick COT.  Had limited time to run to Round 2 at Brimstone.



Crabapple race next Saturday on the 4th.

Prayers for anyone affected by the virus

Prayers for our nation

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