Bad Apple B.O.M.B.S.

AO: Bad Apple

When: 06/24/2020

QIC: Sprocket

PAX (5): Ollie, GOAT, Rusty, Brutus


With coupon beatdowns accounting for 67% of Bad Apple WOs (workouts), YHC tries to keep things slick (Body Weight [BW]-only) with at least one BW beatdown a week.  The Bad Apple AO has an outstanding 1 mile trail thanks to the taxpayers of Roswell, so, YHC figured we ought to make good use of it.


Circle up the PAX for the preliminaries which included Side Straddle Hops 20X, Mtn Climbers 15X, Cotton pickers (a.k.a. weed pickers at some AOs) and high knees for 30 seconds.

The Thang:

Time to get to work: .25 mile run on trail and stop for…

Burpees x10

.25 mile run

OH (overhead) lunges x20 (dbl count) [YHC forgot to add the Burpees]

.25 mile run

Merkins x30 + OH lunges x20 + Burpees x10

.25 mile run

BBSUs (Big boy sit ups) x40 + Merkins x30 + OH lunges x20 + Burpees x10

.25 mile run

Squats x50 +BBSUs x40 + Merkins x30 + OH lunges x20 + Burpees x10

Seeing that 1 lap of the AO had taken long enough, YHC lead the PAX over to the baseball diamond steps for 11’s

11’s Squats/Step-ups

Begin with 10 squats at base of hill and 1 step up on bleachers…

With some PAX finishing early, Rusty described some incredibly fun sounding “Spiderman pushups” that were given a few reps IC.  Once the Six was in, YHC directed the PAX back to where the flag wasn’t.

(I thought that all PAX had completed all rounds by the 2 minute warning, but, alas, GOAT pointed out to me that that was not the case for everyone.  Mea Culpa)

Finished the workout with flutter kicks and ‘Merican hammers ’til time was called.


Good work put in by all PAX today and we thanked the great Q in the sky for the opportunity to get it done.  Rusty made sure everyone was aware of the extra credit Murph WO on Thursday this week in case any PAX weren’t interested in running hills, running trails or running in place.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Word was this a.m. that this WO served as a mere warm up for Brutus who had another WO sess’ scheduled at R.A.P./Wreck AO with A.J. Green at 0900.  This young man is strong, gentlemen.  BT’s gonna have a good season.  Always an honor to lead this fine group. Sprocket out.

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