Balls to the Pole

AO: The Shadow

When: 06/23/2020


PAX (16): Box checker, Billboard, Green Bean, Ricochet, Sasquatch, Rosalita, Curveball, Radar, Manhole, Guard Dawg, Big Apple, Potter, Suds, Dubya, Salt Lick


It was a cool but humid morning.  YHQ encouraged the PAX to circle up around the light pole in an actual circle instead of the squashed version of one next to the trailers.


SSH 15x ic

Mary Katherine 15x ic

Merkin 15x ic (60 total merkins)

Windmill 15x ic

Mountain Climber 15x ic

Low slow squat 15x ic

Rinse and repeat

The Thang:

We mosied to Womack then broke into two groups for a socially distanced Cherokee Run to the second driveway of Dunwoody Elementary School.

Once in the parking lot, YHQ quickly explained the circuit workout:

Start at the west curb block and do 30 LBC

Run to southern curb blocks and do broad jumps across the southern end of the parking lot.

Run to the east curb block and do 5 Dying Cockroaches (single count)

Run to the northern curb blocks and do bear crawl or crab walks across the northern end of the parking lot.

Run back to the west curb block and do 25 LBC.  Count down by 5 on the east curb block and up by 5 on the east curb block until you’ve done 6 rounds.  Nice work by Curveball.  Some of the Pax did extra credit too.

Everyone chose their own pole.  The poles were rectangular, not round like a different type of pole.  While waiting for the six, we did Balls to the Pole.

Next, we shifted to the curb and did:

Curb Alperts 15x ic

Curb Dips 15x ic

Another round of Balls to the Pole

We broke up into two groups for another Cherokee Run back to Dunwoody High School.  One group fell apart on the way back to campus, so everyone did SSH for the six.

Back in the parking lot, we circled up around the light pole.  Everyone did high knees until YHQ called “Burpee” and we kept going until time was called.


We are starting a Friday Morning Bike Ride beginning at 6 am at Mellow Mushroom in Dunwoody Village.  Guard Dawg will be our first Bike Q.

Green Bean did an excellent job with our closing prayer.

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