Manhole 1.5

AO: The Shadow

When: 06/20/2020

QIC: Manhole

PAX (18): Big Apple, Billboard, CIA, Dorian, Dubya, Fireballs, FNG (Horny), FNG (Re-Tread), Forceps (South Wake), GreenBean, Guard Dawg, Leon, Manhole, Posse (Raleigh),Radar, Scout, Suds, Sunshine


YHC appeared very close to the top of the hour (5 minutes to spare). As the start time grew nearer, the numbers continued to climb, 10, then 15, and we even gained one after the clock started on this glorious day at Shadow AO. By the time we were engaged, our number was 18, including two FNGs, and three Cousin Eddie’s.

Once we got the particulars out of the way, we got it on!


Things started of fairly amicably, all IC, X15 and then X10 of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Low Slow full range of motion squats (Potter’s name was invoked alot), Windmills and finally Mountain Climbers.

Then a mosey ensued.

The Thang:

But wait, what’s this, who is the Q again, as off onto the trails we went. We climbed up, up, up and almost out, to the benches for a quick set of Dips (X10) and IC.

And  the mosey continued, down, down, down…to the playground where we dispersed to benches again, for another set of Dips (X10) and IC and then we were off.

Down, down, down we went…but not out. Oh no. This newly invented Manhole had other ideas.  We paired off and while partner A climbed up and around, partner B did squats, on their own, until partner A returned. And then partner B was off.  We did 5 rounds of this.

Once the SIX was in, CIA delivered a very energetic 10 count and then we were off again, for a quick mosey through the woods to the lower circle drive on the backside for some Mary. All X15 and all IC: Rosalita, Low Dolly, Obliques and finally, all the PAX new favorite, the Big Block Alphabet (OYO).

Manhole’s madness was not done there. We were just getting started. As in the days of the ancient Egyptians, a pyramid was constructed, but this one was made of Merkins, Squats and LBCs. We started with 2 and went up to 20 by 2s and down again. (There was a lot of mumble chatter during this evolution, and none left wanting for more) For those keeping track at home, that’s 200 of each move. Even Fireballs grumbled.

Time to mosey, back through the woods and over to “The Hill”. for an abbreviated Jacob’s Ladder (only to 5), but on the way up two sets of X5 HRMs (Hand-Release Merkins) with increasing Burpees at the top.

Back down to the shovel flag for COT.


Leon took us out after we named our FNGs – Horny who was brought today by a Cousin Eddie (Forceps from South Wake, NC) (destined to be a regular at Shadow AO) and Re-Tread, brought by Billboard, (a Cousin Eddie from Nash-Vegas),  who will be finding a new AO up there. We also had Posse (Cousin Eddie from Raleigh).

All in, we had a full day at Shadow.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Suds is still concerned that something changed in Manhole while in the NC mountains last weekend. I guess we will see.

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