B-Day Q Hillseeker Edition

AO: The Wreck

When: 06/19/2020


PAX (13): Cutie, Bronco, Meltdown, Khakis, One Call, Norm, Sellout, Deadbeat, Brutus, Rusty, Juul, Goat, AFLAC


With a b-day Q falling right in the middle of a CSAUP (Hillseeker), YHC wasn’t about to craft a BD that didn’t provide a means to an end.  That could only mean one thing:  Knoll Woods.


After quick rounds of disclaimers (and no warm-ups), we headed off-campus for a favorite hill.

The Thang:

This BD would be exceeding simple – AMRAP climbs up Knoll Woods until Q calls time.  No Merks at the top, and LBC’s at the bottom to catch one’s breath.  If we were going to get 1000′ of climbing in, it would require singular focus on grinding through hill repeats.  Q overhead Juul telling the Wickerberry boys that Friday’s are usually easier than normal.  My bad, fellas.


Prayers that the good people of our country can come together and be good and kind to one another once again.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

AFLAC out.

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