Sprints and Ladders

AO: Brimstone

When: 06/19/2020

QIC: Blue

PAX (3): DoubleD, GreaseMonkey


An errant post on Slack, and I’m unexpectedly lassoed  into a Q.  Decided trying to give them something to remember.

Disclaimer delivered.


  • 20x SSH
  • 20x Hillbilly
  • 15x Toy Soldier
  • 15x Weed Pickers, with verbal reminder of importance of loose hamstrings for upcoming sprints

Mosey to sprint field


The Thang:

SPRINTS: 7x sprints of ~80 yard lengths, with minor adjustments to starting line to encourage competition amongst PAX.  Ab work in between:

  • 30x flutter kicks
  • 30x WWII sit-up
  • 30x Hello Dolly
  • 30x WWII sit-up
  • 30x LBC
  • 30x WWII sit-up

TABATA: 20 minutes total in 30 second on/10 second Rest increments, worth 3x 60 second rest periods. Agility ladders were laid out:

  • 6x Icky Shuffle
  • 4x Bunny Hops
  • 4x Lateral Scissors (Bonnie Blair’s encouraged)
  • 4x Ali Shuffle
  • 4x Singe Leg
  • 4x Hopscotch

DSB AB Work: water-filled basketballs of Blue’s own invention (called “DSB”) were selected, dropped to our six, hold DSB at maximum height with straight arms whilst executing:

  • 20x  flutter kicks
  • 20x WWII sit-up
  • 15x Hello Dolly
  • 26x ABC’s

An extended quiz of the 5 Principles of an F3 Workout generated much hilarity amongst all PAX.



Appreciation offered for PAX leaders for starting yet another AO, the Brimstone. Petition for us to become better leaders during these troubled times.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

GreaseMonkey shared the symbolism of the distinctive Brimstone F3 Shovel Flag, dressed entirely monochromatic in black and white. This coloring symbolizes America at wartime.  A fitting symbol, and implicit call to action for all F3 men.

I shared with DoubleD that he was a main reason that I came back after my V post. Double D saw an FNG walk up, and went above and beyond to make me feel welcome, both before and after the workout.  Not sure I would have ever come back if he hadn’t extended such proactive fellowship.

His actions remind me that we are always leading.  How we hold ourselves and interact makes an impression, even if we aren’t always aware. Whether the reverberations of our actions lead to good or ill depends entirely on the quality of our humility and humanity.

Also, I miss my dad.

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