Mornings are Made for Mumblechatter

AO: The Bridge

When: 06/19/2020

QIC: Homer

PAX (9): Homer, Ball Boy, Piggy, Meatball, Ready Mix, Sugar, Wing Nut, Puff Daddy, Julius


Had planned to use the grassy area at Town Green this morning, but during the pre-run, noticed that caution tape circled the grass. Audible was called that would come later to dampen the festivities. We’ll get to that during the Thang.


Quick mosey down main and around #HomersDonut2 2x for good measure and back to our coupon/ruck/weight pile for some warmups.

Hill Billy
Copperhead squat

Grab your weights and head toward backside of Hoots.

The Thang:

Thang 1: Dora 123

1 PAX will work with weights while partner does a quick lap around the parking island. Cumulative: 100 Skull Crushers, 200 Curls, 300 squats w/coupon. Only a little mumble chatter on the amount of squats selected.

We left our gear by the curb, and headed the long way out toward Piedmont Bank Sidewalk.

Thang 2: Here’s where we got wet.

YHC chose a convenient place where we could do some 11s. Start with LBCs, Bearcrawl about 20 feet up grassy knoll to a spot to do Freddy Mercury. Bearcrawl back.

This finely maintained fescue grass was damp. Shoes and socks got wet. Clothes and bodies got wet. Mumblechatter included “Glad I changed my shoes” and “These downhill bearcrawls suck!”

American Hammers for the six and then a quick 10 count before heading back to the trash pavilion/amphitheater.

Thang 3: Balls to the Wall and Flutter Kicks

Partnered up again. 1 Pax held BTTW (there’s a nice ledge here that resulted in some more mumblechatter) while Pax 2, did 20 flutterkicks. Rinse and repeat a couple times. Wanted everyone to have some good upside down time… you know, to dry off.

Head back to flag for 5 minutes of mary.



Strong showing today. Several PAX out of town or in Feather’s case doing a CSAUP with hillclimbers. Prayers for us to be the leaders that we are called to be. Prayers for Homer’s Dad (would that make him Abe?) and prayers for Wingnut as they prep for 2.0 number 2 in a few weeks.


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