Dora Chamberlain

AO: The Rubicon

When: 06/18/2020

QIC: Pinkey

PAX (5): Burgundy, Trabek, Focker, Lil Hurt


Burgundy arrived early from Columbus OH and we headed for a pre-run towards Downtown Alpharetta.  Burgundy expressed how last time he showed up early he was forced to chase Miller Time around after only a few months in F3.  I was happy not to be on Ferrari Hill.


Headed to pool parking lot karaoke, butt kickers, and high knees while in route.  Then SSH, Windmills, Weed pickers, arm circles, covids.

The Thang:

Moseyed to Field of Dreams for a set of Chamberlain’s

Squat 25x , 25 Lunges (single count), 25 LBC’s, 25 hammers (alpha count)

Run to foul pole and back.  Repeat 4x

Next we grabbed rocks and moseyed to the pool parking lot for a little Dora:

Partnered up 200 curls, 200 presses, 200 skull crushers, and 100 big boys

The we did the White Claw death March.  Bear claw for 3 parking spaces, then crab walk for 3 spaces, repeat for  about 75 yards.

Moseyed back to the flag for some flutters and Freddy Mercury’s


-Continued prayers for Smitty

-Prayers for guidance and calm

-Great to have Burgundy joining from Ohio today, hopefully we will see more of him once he resumes a normal travel schedule.

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