SwampDonkey’s Moveable Feast

AO: Bad Apple

When: 06/15/2020

QIC: SwampDonkey

PAX (4): Rusty, Goat, Brutus, YHC


The Moveable Feast


The first 2 minutes Rusty led a warm up, I have no idea what they did. Probably donuts in the parking lot in his Jeep. Seems about right? I woke up 20 min late…yikes. But hey – my heart rate was up by the time I arrived!!
We did a lap around the lot and back to the flag for:
50 double count LBCs
50 double count Reverse LBCs

The Thang:

The feast was served up on plates from Rusty’s kitchen o’ pain… Everyone grab a plate of your choice and follow me!!
Instructions – we will stay together and do 1 exercise, every 1/8th of the mile around the trail.
At each 1/8th mi stop (measured by my Suunto watch) we did 90 seconds of the given exercise:
Clean and press
Bow ties (standing row)
Skull Crushers
Bench press
Good mornings (backbends)

As the end of our feast neared, we circled up and did more weights for “mary”/dessert, doing 15 reps of each exercise above.


Pray for our country.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

These BadApple guys are so strong and handing out a hard workout for them is a challenge. That is life – things are easier for some than others but if you are not pushing yourself – you will never know your limits…you will just think you are strong or smart or good or whatever. Don’t be, don’t settle, don’t stop – make yourself uncomfortable.

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