Sideline to sideline

AO: The Gladiator

When: 06/11/2020

QIC: Black Box

PAX (7): Speedo Tebow Wahoo Shiner Scratch off Brownie


Welcome 2 FNG’s, Wahoo and Shiner

Welcome back Brownie, good to see you brother


Welcomed the 2 FNG’s and moseyed up to the Eve’s Road parking lot for some arm circles, toy soldiers, windmills, and weed pickers.

The Thang:

On the Mosey to the soccer field, we picked up some two-handed coupons at the tennis courts…

Pax lined up on the soccer field sideline w/ coupons on the deck…  Black Box fired up the bluetooth speaker.

The drill was to do an exercise, run sideline to sideline, do another exercise, and repeat until the song switched.

Real American:  20 side straddle hops, run sideline to sideline, 20 plank jacks, repeat

Mama Said Knock You Out:  15 curls, run sideline to sideline, 15 skull crushers, repeat

Ante Up:  10 squats, run sideline to sideline, 10 presses, repeat

Black Betty:  5 merkins, run sideline to sideline, 5 burpees, repeat

Paradise City:  10 shoulder presses, rune sideline to sideline, 10 big boy situps, repeat

Smells Like Teen Spirit:  15 rows, run sideline to sideline, 15 lunges

5-minute warning hit so we moseyed back to the tennis courts, dropped off the coupons and moseyed back to the flag for a little Mary.




Name o Rama, we welcomed Wahoo and Shiner.  Welcome aboard fellas!

Wahoo announced a 20 min workout @ Newtown Park Saturdays @ 7 AM to get your weekend going

Black Box announced an open invitation to the Solidarity March On Roswell, Saturday 6/13, 10 AM start as Roswell City Hall, wear your masks

Black Box said a prayer

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