Swamp Donkey’s Jams are so loud, I can’t hear y’all

When: 10 June 2020

AO: Bad Apple

PAX: GOAT, Rusty, Brutus, Zima, Swamp Donkey, Turbine

QIC: Sprocket

72 degrees and 150% humidity at 0530? yeah, it’s definitely summertime in the south. Some folks might even call it, “swimming pool weather”. Well, while YHC spent some time last evening putting together a workout to get ourselves ready for the re-opening of the neighborhood pools next week, Swamp Donkey went ahead got his Jams ready to get dressed out for this morning’s workout to show everybody he was ready to out-swole every other man at the pool when the time comes. #AlwaysReady I love it.

Not wanting to spend too much time standing around an elementary school parking lot in the dark with a middle-aged dude in vintage 80’s swimwear, YHC got the PAX moving out with…


10 Archer Merkins (5 ea./side)

10 Burpees 

325 yard run

Stop by Rusty’s Jeep to pick-up some metal, then, on to the Gazebo for:

The Thang:

Round 1

1 Pax lifts the ol’ GI duffle (45#) and carries it 150 yds while remaining PAX did work at the following stations:
KB Cleans,alternating w/25#

Bulgarian Split Squats w/30#

Plank Rows w/feet on bench @BW

Zercher Lunges w/45# sandbag

KB Swings w/25#

Dumbbell Front Raise+Internal Rotator Cuff Rotation  w/12#+Resistance Band

Each PAX rotated to next station upon return of PAX w/ GI duffle

Round 2

KB Clean+press, alternating sides w/25#

Weighted bench step-ups w/30#

Dips @BW

Squats w/45# sandbag

KB Clean+Press, alternating sides w/25# (some good competition ensued b/t PAX working these stations simultaneously)

Dumbbell Front Raise+External Rotator Cuff Rotation w/12#+resistance band

With 7 minutes remaining, YHC dispensed with the GI duffle carries and called for a lightning round:

20x Bear hug squats w/45# GI duffle, then rotate.

See Round 2 above for remaining stations. PAX rotated ‘til time was called to return metal to Rusty’s Jeep and run the 325 yards back to where the flag should be. No time for Mary today.


Welcome to Bad Apple, Zima! YHC has a feeling we may see your smiling face some more being you probably live the closest to this AO. Swamp Donkey said he’s hunting hill climbs at tomorrow’s #Bandit WO for upcoming Thunder Meat production, but, promised no hill repeats. Turbine mentioned the #Bandit AO shirt will rise up like a Phoenix, but, didn’t say which design the shirt will bear (YHC is partial to the Thunder Chicken design, but, that’s just me). Prayers were offered up for our nation at this time of trouble, unrest and protest.

Nekked Man Moleskin An F3 workout has to be one of the best ways to begin a day in YHC’s opinion. About the only thing that could make said days better is for a PAX to show up in vintage 80’s swim wear. Though YHC is currently battling an ear infection that has reduced his hearing in one ear, the remainder of YHC’s instructions to the PAX may or may not have been loud enough to be heard over Swamp Donkey’s Jams. It’s always an honor to lead and I thankful for the opportunity. Sprocket out.

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