Merry GO Q

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 06/03/2020

QIC: So So Def

PAX (4): Wideright, Wilson and Steamer


IC- 15x STH’s, 14x Toy Soldiers, 12x copperhead squats and 12x Arm Circles

The Thang:

Part 1 – So So Def:  3 rounds of- :30 second side plank/20 LBC’s side shuffle across parking lot 20x (2count) Bonnie Blairs and 20x squats

Part 2 – Wideright 4 corners (up and back down) corner 1 10x merkins, corner 2 20x squats, corner 3 30x STH’s and corner 4 LBC’s

Part 3 – Wilson – run up the parking lot, every white line = 2 frog jumps and add 2 more at every white line, then back down

PArt 4 – Steamer 4 corners, corner 1 10x JLo’s, corner 2 20x reverse lunges (2 count), corner 3 flutter kicks (2 count) and corner 4 40x freddy Mercuries


Papa mike, good judgement/common sense and stronger discipleship

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