Le Tour de North Park Returns

AO: The Norseman

When: 06/02/2020

QIC: Callahan

PAX (6): Nacho Libre, Crikey, Legos, TMI, Ha-Ha, Callahan


Standard dose of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Weed Pickas…threw in a round of Hillbillies as we waited for Legos to join the crew.

The Thang:

The tour was back in town.  We ran a good bit today.  Just over three miles stopping along the way for merkins, squats and dips.  We started at the pavilion and went down behind the dip wall to the dirt trail leading to the parking area.  10 merkins.  We continued through the trail past our small track to the sidewalk where we found ourselves passing the ball fields.  10 dips.  Continued on to the back entrance of the park and followed the sidewalk all around Kings Ridge to the Catholic Church.  Squats and Merkins at different stops.  Hit Nacho’s trail of doom and knocked out a few derkins, then up to the playground.  The COVID shielding had been removed, so we hit up 10 pullups before heading to the football field.  At the field we had stops at the 4 corners for merkins and sumo squats.  We then proceeded to the bleachers for 10 dips before heading through the main pavilion to the back party pavilion.  10 derkins and 10 dips for the pax.  Headed back towards the flag but did a full loop of the lot before finishing up.

The PAX threw out their favorites for Mary.  LBCs, Freddy Mercury, Box Cutters, J-Lo and American Hammers.



Solid work, gents!

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