A Shadow classic from off the shelf…

AO: The Shadow

When: 05/30/2020

QIC: Leon

PAX (11): Guard Dawg, Pit Boss, Manhole, Fireballs, Scout, Ricochet, Green Bean, Seles, Dunder, Salt Lick, CIA, Brass Monkey (:0), Big Apple, Stripper (sorry, not in alphabetical order-don;t report me)


What can I say, we could not have asked for a better morning.  Low 70s and yes, while high humidity, we definitively beat the real heat of the day.  15 of the Shadow’s PAX met and was dished out a potpourri of exercises, taken from past classic beat downs.  Special shout out to Guard Dawg’s rise of the Phoenix (ah, fartsack!) at join us last minute.  Same goes for Stripper (glad to see you back brother) who tried his best to imitate Sleeper…and slid in at the last minute.  Well done you lads! 


With that, here ’tis:

15 x IC:  SSH, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, Run-Stand-Switch, Stone Mountains, Mtn. Climbers, 10 Merkins,

Much to do, so the Q cut the next set of Warm-O-Rama in 1/2.

The Thang:

Thang 1:

Line up and the base of the Nature Center Hill.  4 stations as we moved out and up the the Nature Center Hill to the Roberts entrance.  Progress from 2,4,6,8 8ct-body builders at each station.

Thang 2:

Mosey over and down to Scout’s street, (…forgot how close he is to the Nature Center) for an abbreviated Crowd Pleaser x 2 sets;    1st Cul de Sac – 10 Merkens, run up to next Cul de Sac – 20 LBC’s, continue up to 3rd Cul de Sac -30 Squats, back down to start.  Finish at 3rd Cul de Sac after 30 Squats.

Leaving no man behind, PAX progress the rest of the way up the hill with 20 single count: Bear Crawls, Lunges and Broad Jumps.

Cherokee Run to Wynterhall Swim and Tennis bowl (by stairs) for some Mary:

It was at this point, YHQ became a bit cadence challenged and could not keep proper count for a few of  the following exercises (..blaming it on Manhole’s mumble-chatter next to me): Supposed to be 20 IC: Low Dolly, Low Leg Raise, Heels to Heaven, Dying Cockroach, with 12 ABC’s  (enough of that hot mess….)

Up the stairs to the tennis courts for 2 set of 10 Dips and Derkins IC  Salt Lick saw to it to bushwhack his way up the hill to the benches.  Too much 5-hour energy for that man….but I love it!!!

Slow Mosey out and up to Roberts.  Split the Pax into 2 groups and moseyed back to new Austin entrance and own to lot for 3 stations of 5-8ct body builders around the parking lot finishing at the BIG DADDY WALL.

Last exercise was 45 secs of Balls to Wall with upside down plank jacks, IC x 15.

Mosey to COT and count off.


Fireballs took us out with eloquent words of prayer for our PAX, those PAX not with us, our city and our country that is in turmoil. Well done!

We are hurting, we are angry and we are all confused and need our Divine Father’s love and protection for our families, each other and our city and country.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Fireballs apparently has a lower, I mean VERY LOWER abdominal strain and Pit Boss was rooting around down there at coffeeteria, was not a pretty sight at all…..For those there, wipe the vision from your memory banks and forget all that was seen there today on that subject.

1-2 spots left for F3 “on the road” for June 12th weekend up a Caesar’s Head, SC.  Don’t miss it.  Will redo in the Fall of 2020 for those unable to join.

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