The Hurt Locker

AO: The Rubicon

When: 05/28/2020

QIC: Lil Hurt

PAX (8): Focker, Isner, Pinkey, Waffles, Pit Stop, Cookie, White Claw & Lil Hurt


With the weather better than expected, we met in the usual p-lot hot spot.  Then a light mosey over to p-lot 2.


Warmed up with;

-10 side straddle hops

-10 weed pickers

-10 windmills

-10 hill billies

The Thang:

A tradition like no other…the Lil Hurt Board of Pain, while jamming to some classic rock.

-180 Merkins (wide arm, ranger, diamonds, etc.)

-30 Air Squats

-30 crunchies

-60 burpees

-30 Sumo Squats

-30 American Hammers

-30 lunges

-30 Freddy Mercury’s

-30 mountain climbers

-30 Sweat Angels

-30 Bonnie Blairs

-30 plank jacks

-30 side straddle hops

-30 Superman’s

with multiple laps, sprints, karaoke and backwards runs.

-Ring of Fire; we circled up (6ft. apart), & held plank while every PAX hit 5 mountain climbers  at a time(alpha count) around the bin clockwise.


-prayers up for Cookie’s co-worker.

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