Better than Chaingang

AO: The Shadow

When: 05/28/2020


PAX (10): Rambo, Scout, Enigma, Manhole, Big Apple, Guard Dawg, Green Bean, Hamburglar, Dunder


Faced with the awesome responsibility of Qing opposite our most sadistic Q, Chaingang, I knew easy was not an option.  The 10 lucky souls who escaped backbreaking coupon work faced a different, but lighter challenge.


Touchdowns (15x ic)

Merkins (15x ic) (60 total merkins)

Windmill (15x ic)

Mountain Climber (15x ic)

Imperial Walker (15x ic)

Rinse and Repeat

The Thang:

We ran around the school and to the Corners Drive secret path, stopping twice to wait for the six with SSH and plank.

Cutting through the narrow path, we ended up in the Stratham Drive Cul de sac, where we did 10 hand release burpees oyo.

Moving up the hill:

Inch worms

Broad jumps

(long) Bear crawl (We didn’t stop until I caught up with Green Bean, and he is fast)

Lunge walk

At the intersection of Stratham and Trumbull, we did 50 air presses to cool down before running down Trumbull Drive to the Vanderlyn Playground.

Next was a Mary Circuit:

10 Pullups

10 Turkish Get ups

10 Knee ups (on pull up bars)

10 Big Boi Situps

Rinse and Repeat

Those finishing early did squats for the six.

Next we did Alligators across the fake grass field.

Time was getting short, so we ran up Vanderlyn Drive to see Chaingang’s prisoners milling about at the bottom of the hill.  We ran down to them and then beat them up the hill with a sprint.

We took a quick break with 50 more air presses then ran back to the COT in time to do 5 BurpMerks with Chaingang.


Welcome Hamburglar who is visiting Atlanta to franchise a Culver’s Restaurant!  Welcome back Rambo who prayed for the PAX.

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