Need for Speed

AO: The Norseman

When: 05/26/2020

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (4): Ha-ha, Callahan, Hot Sauce, and Nacho Libre


The day after the murph.  YHC grab the Q and wanted to change some things up a little bit. I was inspired by Mayhem’s speed work over on the Hoppy like channel.


The pax headed for quick MOSI down to the lake.  SSH’s, imperial walkers, sun gods.

The Thang:

Next we headed down to the high school track and everyone grab the sender along the way.

First step 100m sprints.  We left our cinder blocks down by the finish line and slow mosey down to the starting line.  All out Sprint to the finish line in 25 presses with the sender.  hindsight we should have started with some longer distances luckily no one pulled a hammy.  Repeat four times.

Next up 200-meter sprints. We slow moseyed halfway around the track everyone group backup and we were off.  Now it was clear hot sauce was holding back on us in the 100m sprints does he turned it on for the 200m.  At the finish line 25 curls.  Repeat four times.

Next up the 400-meter sprints.  YHC didn’t let anyone know we were going to the 400m so we jogged our half a lap around and I let them know we were doing 400m. one of the pack said you mean we’re going to come all the way back around.  Yes sir.  We repeated this twice.  Hot sauce was the winner on the four hundred meter sprint well the time of 1:14. And with that headed back to the flag for a few minutes and Mary.



Just thankful to be out here.

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