AO: The Norseman

When: 05/19/2020

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (7): Nacho Libre, Ha-ha, Callahan, Birdie, TMI, Cookie, and Hot Sauce


YHC’s 38 birthday!  Excited to lead my BDay beatdown.


We ran down to the lake for some SSH’s, Weedpickers, and Imperial Walkers.

The Thang:

After the warmup we started the the beatdown right by lake for some derkins 9 total in cadence.  Then we were off toward the path.  As we ran over the creek Cookie took a fall on the slick bridge, but being the new Nantan a fall wasn’t going to stop him.  We ended up at the amphitheater for another set of  derkins this time 10 in cadence.  (See what I did there 19 in cadence = 38)

The pax ran out of the woods by the play ground (currently locked down by the corona tape) into the parking lot.  19 Squats IC.

Then we headed toward the small track.  19 Mike Tyson’s on the way.  At the track we did three rounds.  38 Burpees, 38 Merkins, 38 Dips.  We split up the exercises at each end.

After the track workout YHC led the group behind the softball field.  Our  former Nantan informed YHC that we went the wrong way.  We had to squeeze behind the fence.  The path was on the other side.

We were headed to the far end of the AO we stopped for some step ups 19 IC and some derkins 10 IC.

Now on the other side of the AO YHC found a strava segment in our park.  From one end to the next .8 miles.  All out run.  Cookie took the lead and never gave it up.  Some how he missed out on the top 10?  Something wrong with his watch.  YHC finished 13th and Cookie was well out in front of me.

Back down by the lake for 9 more derkins IC and then back to the flag for some mary.


Thankful for all of these men continue to strengthen each other. Prayers for Cookie’s friend that has a brain tumor and praise for Birdie’s 30 years of marriage.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Glad to have Hot Sauce back in the mix!  This was his 4th f3 beatdown during this pandemic!  The world is changing!

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