Bridge Blocks Beatdown

AO: The Bridge

When: 05/15/2020

QIC: Homer

PAX (9): Homer, Popper, Puff Daddy, Ready Mix, Ball Boy, Water Boy, Meatball, Birdie, Feathers


0530 came upon us and we were flanked by the local YMCA group that has found that they enjoy working out in the gloom too… They obviously have not read the F3Nation post about the Gloom Belonging to Us… I guess we’ll have to deal with it until it gets a little too warm or a little too wet for them. Gotta admire them for showing up and putting in the work too. Guess they can continue to pay for their beatdown.

9 HIM don’t pay for this. Not with cash at least. We will pay with sweat and work.

No FNGs. Disclaimer. Off.


Quick Mosey around the town green track. Followed up with SSH, Weedpicker, Little Baby arm circles and Moroccan Night Club.

Grab your coupon or Ruck and let’s go play Frogger across 141 into the Forum. Won’t it be nice to eventually have a Bridge to cross!?

The Thang:

We landed around the backside of the Forum Bridge. Wondering how they’ll connect it to the. It’s weird for sure…

Thang #1

Partner up but maintain your own weight. It’s a Choose Your Own Adventure time. While one partner runs down around stop sign by CPK and past Chipotle… up the steps and back to the group, the other partner is choosing between arm curls, chest press, gobbler squats, skull crushers. Even ended up seeing some coupon burpees. 5 laps per person/10 per team and we were done.

Froggered Back across 141 and back to the short wall in front of Farm Burger.

Thang #2

11s involving step ups with coupons [cross the driveway] and coupon american hammers. Not sure I’m going to be able to look back over my shoulder today after that!

Had about 9 minutes left which meant we could circle up around the, kids water fountain (think those will ever be used again post COVID?) and ended with some Circle Mary.



Prayers for friends who are hurting and scared. Especially praying for Settles family. God’s comfort on them!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Really good to be back on Q. Always good to be with these men.

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