Burpee Palooza

AO: The Shadow

When: 05/12/2020

QIC: Chaingang

PAX (18): Saltlick Dorian Dunder Enigma Boxchecker Manhole Seles Fireballs Potter Radar Ricochet Scout Green Bean Billboard CIA Big Apple Guarddawg


18 PAX avoided the fartsack for an adventure up to the north side of the AO to explore all the varieties of burpees there are to taste from. Almost made it to the target of 20 PAX. Maybe one day….


– Side straddle hop 20x IC
– Monkey Humpers 15x IC
– Windmill 15x IC
– Squakers 10x IC
– Cotton Picker 15x IC
– Burp and Merk Pyramid (5x)

The Thang:

Thang 1
– Bataan Death March (5x Burpees) to St. Lukes (2x Groups)
– 4 Corners (Do examples of each)
#1 – 10x Leonidas Burpees
#2 – 10x Burpos
#3 – 10x Tony Hawk Burpee (the jump is a 360)
#4 – 10x Turk n Burp (Turkish Get Up into a Burpee)
– Rinse and Repeat

Thang 2
– Bataan Death March back to DHS (north parking lot) (2x Groups)
– Bearpees (1x Burpee, 4 ct Bear Crawl from one curb to another, then 2x burpee)
– Monkey Humpers 10x IC
– The Wolverine 5x (Burpee with plant knee tucks btwn Merkins – 3x Merkins)
– Wall Sit


F3 Lexicon Word of the Day

BE THE BACON An exhortation to another Pax (or to oneself) to improve attitude, to not take things seriously that don’t warrant being taken seriously, and in general to approach life in a positive way. It is the belief of The Nation that no one hates Bacon. No one is sad to see Bacon. Even vegetarians and vegans probably like the smell of bacon, and would likely eat tofu bacon (if there is such a thing). Basically, it means to make yourself and your personality as agreeable and as widely loved as Bacon.


Potter took us out in a nice prayer to the Lord…thankful and asking to help us turn our eyes toward Him.

CIA on tap for Q Thursday….bring your gloves.

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