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AO: The Shadow

When: 05/05/2020

QIC: Manhole

PAX (17): Big Apple, Billboard, Box Checker, ChainGang, CIA, Fireballs, FNG (Dunder), GreenBean, Guard Dawg, Leon, Manhole, Montross, Potter, Radar, Ricochet, Salt Lick, Suds


It was a glorious day at The Shadow!

The 1st time, since we were quarantined in Dunwoody, where we were no longer bound by the rule of 10.

Social distancing was still enforced.

We all got better, truly all together and all at once, and it was a sight to see. 17 lads running to and fro! (some faster than others)


With that, we got down to it.

All of it went down in cadence, first x15 and then x10.

Side straddle hop, Imperial Walker, Squats, Windmills (Cotton Pickers) and finally Stone Mountains.

The Thang:

Now that we were all sufficiently pliable, time to get it on, so to the 1st curb we went and the word was given – Blackjack, or more appropriately 21s – on the 1st curb 1 LBC and on the far curb, 20 Merkins, and so it went, incrementing LBCs and decrementing Merkins. (sufficient mumble chatter was expressed by many).

*FNG Dunder was in full on “Beast Mode”.

Mosey to the track and on around to the bleachers for 3 sets, all in cadence and all x10, 1st Dips and then Step-ups.

Mosey over to the flag pole and on your six for a rousing round of Mary called suggested by the Pax and called by the Q: (all IC)

  • Dying Cockroaches (x12)
  • American Hammers (x12)
  • Box Cutters (x12)
  • Peter Parkers (x12)
  • Drydock Crabs (x6)
  • Obliques (Left and Right) (x12)
  • Low Dolly (x12)
  • Low Flutter (x24)

I think that was it, but the PAX can correct me!

Mosey back up to the light pole and circle up – 10 HRMs (OYO)


SaltLick took us out.  Bean has the Q Thursday and SaltLick has it on Saturday.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was a thrill and an honor to have the PAX all back together again, and our numbers continue to climb at The Shadow with 17 present today.

Several have stepped up during this time of need to Q more often than normal, due to our need for 6 per week instead of 3, will be nice to get back to a more normal cadence (we hope).

We will continue with 6 AM during the week…for now.

7 AM at DNC on Saturday (that’s Dunwoody Nature Center for the rest of you).

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