A Soft ReOpening at theHooch by way of Bushwood

AO: The Hooch

When: 05/01/2020

QIC: Flo

PAX (10): Birdie, Redi-Mix, Ball Boy, Popper, Boucher, Julius, Animal, Meatball, Surfer (FNG)


Leadership…ultimately the goal of all of the F3 groups are to produce leaders for our communities.  YHC started the day by challenging each PAX on that regard.  If you had to give yourself a letter grade on how well you are leading how would you score?  No answers needed, it was rhetorical.

It was good to be “back” with more of the guys today.  The smaller shield locks have served a valuable purpose during the shelter in place orders, but these dogs needed to get off the chain.  It was good to have a number of old faithfuls combined with some newer guys as we prepare to fully launch back at the hooch on Monday…5:30am Twisted Taco area.


Simple warm-up…we ran up groomsbridge a ways and back down.  Back at the flag YHC pulled out a deck a cards for the Thang.

The Thang:

We had 4 groups of exercises we rotated through: a type of merkin, a core exercise, a leg exercise, and a cardio exercise (usually burpees).  YHC would call out the exercise from the group and pull a card for the number of reps.  The suite didn’t matter and face cards counted as 10.  Alpha count when necessary.  Aces and Jokers meant a mosey back up that big hill again.  There were a few modifications along the way to get some extra work in.  This was good for about 40 minutes of full body smoke.

An example of a typical round:

10 Carolina Dry Docks/ 7 Big Boy Sit-ups/ 5 Split Squats/ 8 Burpees

**each round was different based on the exercises called and rep count


It was really good to be back and to see some comrades in the gloom.  I have missed this community of encouragement, accountability, wisdom, and friendship.  The message boards are fine, but nothing like the days when we put work in.

Julius lifted up a prayer for wise re-opening.  I can’t agree more.  Meatball asked for prayer for his daughter’s arm.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I’m not sure we are completely out of the woods with this thing, but I feel more positive with where we are today than I did a month ago.  I also hope that we learned what is eternally important during this time.  I personally have struggled with control, or more specifically, lack of control.  What I thought I was in control of I really wasn’t, and I have had to learn to let go to focus on what is in my control.  I have found that I can control..how intentional I am in my prayer time, how I treat my wife, how much I listen to my kids, my diet, how I greet a neighbor, and my attitude about work.

I’m thankful I have you guys, b/c we are stronger together.  The Gloom belongs to us!


Welcome Surfer, you did great and it was great to have you.  You had one of the coolest first concert experiences and almost ended up with the most unfortunate F3 names possible because of it.



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