Back at The Brimstone

AO: The Wreck

When: 04/10/2020

QIC: Grease Monkey

PAX (7): White Claw, Virginia Slim, Aflac, Busch, Bronco, Squeegee


Quarantine continues and therefore so does The Brimstone. Today would be a good chance to explore more options this new AO has to offer.


We moseyed down Mimosa and circled up in a parking lot for some SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers and Windmills. Then we continued our mosey down to the historic Roswell Square.

The Thang:

Luckily for us there’s an abundance of vertical surfaces around The Brimstone. So we started off by finding a spot on the wall:

  • 15 Dirty Hookups
  • 15 WWI Situps
  • 15 Chicken Peckers
  • Rinse and Repeat – 20 each

Then we bear crawled our way into the park and over to the fountain. We circled up around the fountain wall:

  • 15 wall jumps (a chilly dip awaits those who jump too far)
  • 25 dips
  • 35 Squats
  • Rinse & repeat

Then we duck walked our way up to the other side of the park and circled up for some Mucho Chesto:

  • 10 Wide Merkins
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Diamond Merkins
  • 10 Stagger Right Merkins
  • 10 Stagger Left Merkins
  • Rinse & Repeat

We crab walked our way back to the fountain and circled up again:

  • 15 wall jumps
  • 25 J-Los
  • 35 Monkey Humpers
  • Couple minute planks
  • Rinse and repeat

Short Mosey over to a random pickup that happened to have some cinders laying around. Nice little finishing round:

  • 4 rounds, 160 reps of random combination of curls, skull crushers, squats, overhead presses, and kettle bell swings

A tiring mosey back to the flag for a couple minutes of Mary.


Prayer for Squeegee’s brother in law Dole and Slim’s friend Scott, both fighting cancer.

Prayers for Windex’s buddy who is hospitalized with COVID-19.

Prayers for a return to normalcy and healing for all infected.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

These are weird times. Ever thankful to have our health, our freedom and fellowship. Thanks for the chance to lead.

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