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AO: The Bandit

When: 03/27/2020

QIC: Turbine

PAX (4): Juul, Stroller, Animal, Turbine


YHC committed all of the typical meeting faux pas’s for the launch of the WWW virtual AO. Only one real issue occurred when the meeting ended abruptly during Power Burpees…that can be attributed to YHC being a tight wad and having a free Zoom account. Regardless, there was sweat and suffering (and fun). It’s great to workout with other men in the gloom again.


No mozy for this virtual beatdown (although I am interested to see if anyone will try in a future session).

We started with 4 minutes of: Leap Frog forward two hops -> Half Burpee (no merkin) -> Leap Frog backward two hops -> Mountain Climber (double count starting with 2 and escalating by one on each circuit) -> Rinse & Repeat

The Thang:

AMRAP Pyramid with two minutes of each exercise and 30 seconds of active rest between each; go up the pyramid of exercises and then come back down

  1. Prison Cell Merkin
  2. Squat Jump
  3. Upright Scissor (on six with back off the ground and scissoring legs horizontally)
  4. Power Burpee (add a groiner in to a burpee before the merkin)
  5. Ranger Merkin
  6. Sumo Pulse Squats (pulse from thighs parallel to the ground to 45 degrees and back)
  7. Freddie Mercury
  8. Parker Peter Jump Knee Tuck (2 x parker peter into a jump knee tuck)

We finished with Parker Peters until we hit time.


Prayers for all those on the front lines of the pandemic. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC needed some accountability and the PAX indulging a virtual beatdown checked that box. It is always interesting how much harder you push when you have others around you (and how much harder when you are leading and can’t walk to the sidelines).

Hopefully this catches on so we can keep everyone accelerating their 1st F.

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