A temporary Rubicon farewell

AO: The Rubicon

When: 03/24/2020

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (6): MT, Nard Dog, Pinkey, Lefty, El Matador


I wasn’t sure what Wills Park would deliver this morning. I personally wanted to get one more BD in at Rubicon and the rain even held off to give us a great morning.

4 prerunners came in and joined 2 others (good to have you again Nard dog).

Less than 10 is acceptable. Let’s go.


A jog by the pool for ssh, iw, and wp.

The Thang:

We crossed the street to face the Merkin mile. Speed humps are 5 burpees. First lap is 15 merkins at each intersection.

YHC took a wrong turn but it worked out to get a couple extra speed humps and get back near the start of the loop.

Second lap repeat burpees and do squat jumps

Third lap burpees and LBC.

The route gave us 25 burpees each lap and 75 of the others.

We head back toward the flag with mountain climbers at the intersections and searching for speed bumps.

A little Mary puts us at time


Alpharetta is closing parks and so Rubicon will do the same. Keep an eye on slack for opportunities.

It’s a time for accountability and support so let’s find that with each other and keep healthy in a time of uncertainty.

Always a pleasure to lead.

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