Out of the Gloom

AO: The Shadow

When: 03/19/2020

QIC: Fireballs

PAX (15): Leprechaun, CIA, Suds, Manhole, Leon, Green Bean, Billboard, Radar, Ricochet, Curve Ball, Snake Oul, Scout, Big Apple, Seles


Big turn out this foggy morning for a Fireballs beatdown. Title of the Backblast is a metaphor for coming out of CV situation that has us all spinning at the moment. Keep the faith and keep showing up!


Windmill IC X 10
Low Slow Squat IC X 10
Imperial Walker IC X 10
Mountain Climber IC X 10
Merkins IC X 10

Rinse and Repeat

Toy Soldier, High Knees, Butt Kickers – all in sequence across parking lot

The Thang:

Cherokee Run to Dunwoody Elementary – PAX split into 2 groups for social distancing purposes

Mary Session – ALL IC X 10

Heels to Heaven
Freddy Mercury
Dying Cockroach
American Hammer
Large Flutter Kicks

Plank Session –

Toe Tap Plank IC X 10
Plank Jack IC X 10
Mountain Climber Plank Jack IC X 10

Pair Off for loop around parking lot with the following sequence:
Walking Lunge x 10
Broad Jump x 10
Bear Crawl x 10
Repeat sequence until partners return back to starting point.

Cherokee Run back to DHS via Village Creek Drive. Nice quiet neighborhood until we showed up.

Stop at picnic tables for –
Dips IC X 10
Step Ups IC X 10
Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to parking lot for –
Plank Series per above
Merkins IC X 10


Leon did a fine job with words of wisdom for these trying times – then he proceeded to the golf course for further frustrations no doubt.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Let’s all focus on what we can control at the moment. F3 is our connection to normalcy and an opportunity to lift our spirts and minds and bodies when everything else is upside down. Be Strong. Fart Sacking is not an option.

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