Gladiators lifting heavy things in the Gloom

AO: The Gladiator

When: 03/19/2020

QIC: Kegger

PAX (8): Speedo (RESPECT), Spandex (RESPECT), Brownie, Peg Leg, Stroller, Postal (RESPECT), Delicious, Kegger


These are tough times as YHC was torn with needing to get out of the house to exercise as well as being safe, responsible, and healthy.  A lot of planning went into today to ensure we weren’t too close and didn’t share coupons to help the spread of any germs.

This was an extremely gloomy morning what a perfect time for a BD.  A brief disclaimer was said and we were off.


Mosey to the spray ground parking lot for:

15 SSHs

15 WPs

15 MCs

10×4 Sun Gods (keeping our arms raised the entire time made for a nice shoulder warm up)

The Thang:


Mosey to coupon pile where YHC explained there are such things as small, medium, and large coupons.  I would each PAX to choose a Large or Extra Large coupon.

Onto the tennis courts for a full game of Blackjack. I mentioned we didn’t get to finish Speedo’s 21s Tuesday due to time so I wanted to ensure we got it all in.

1 chest press Cusack across court for 20 goblet squats Cusack back

2 chest press Cusack across court for 19 goblet squat Cusack back

Continue until…

20 chest press Cusack across court for 1 goblet squat Cusack back

This was tough! I had some tunes for us but it was a totally accident when “Down with the sickness” came on by Disturbed.  Brownie pointed out how it was fitting.

Quick 10 count and then realized we were close to time and I had so much planned for this morning.


Four Corners

25 Curls then Cusack or lunge walk

25 Thrusters then Cusack or lunge walk

25 Rows then Cusack or lunge walk

25 Press then Cusack or lunge walk

Lastly 25 Curls for good measure, return our coupons, and mosey back to the flag.

Mary consisted of:

American Hammers x20 (Spandex)

Flutter Kicks x20 (Stroller)


Prayers for the McMichael family during the unexpected loss of a family member.

Prayers for one of Brownie’s coworkers

Prayers for all of our families and friends to stay safe and healthy during this time

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I am very thankful for this group and the opportunity to lead. It’s a nice sanity check to keep working out while being stuck at home 95% of the time.  I know it’s only day 4 but stay strong we will get through this!

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