Fighting Fire with Fire

AO: The Storm

When: 03/19/2020

QIC: @F3Inseam

PAX (4): The Body, Mr. Hand, Swiper, Inseam


Amid what appears to be a worldwide pandemic, YHC found himself signed up to Q the greatest AO in the land.

Everyone and everything is so serious (and rightfully so) so YHC thought he’d lighten the mood with a little “COVID-19” beatdown.


{Emphasizing the start point to be next to the planted flag rather than green space} the PAX moseyed from the flag around the winged wall, and over to the fountain where we circled up for-

  • SSH
  • Good Mornings
  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • Sprinklers

Mosey to mountain de coupons


The Thang:

YHC explained how the plan was to fight Fire with Fire…meaning, the best way to strengthen an immune system is to put in good work. So we’d plan to do so with an ironically themed “COVID” workout centered around reps of “19”.

  • C-curls
  • O-overhead press
  • V-v ups
  • I-imperial squat kickers
  • D-donkey kicks

The curls and OH presses were done in blackjack fashion but with a total of 19. Start with 18 curls, lunge 19 paces and mosey back for 1 OH press. Then 17/2, 16/3, etc. (ie: sh*t ton of lunges).

Mosey back to entrance fountain, YHC likes this spot, for 19 V-ups.

Mosey over to bike rack farm for 19 Imperial Squat Kickers (just like it sounds…yes it’s weird).

Mosey over to The North Wall for 19 Donkey Kicks.

Mosey back home to the flag for 2 MOM ab work.


Pray for our nation, those out of work, etc. Praise for The Body passing his real estate exams. (Call this guy if your renovating/fixing up and selling.)

Ruck out of The Storm ⛈ tonight. Meet at lower level of parking deck. Check slack for time.

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