Goldilocks and 3 Coupons

AO: Caney Creek

When: 03/18/2020

QIC: Zohan

PAX (3): Ha-Ha, Pothole, Zohan


Quick Mosey and we went straight to the coupon pile to pick up 2 small (preferably fist size) coupons each to augment the warm up.

With coupons we did SSH x20, Windmilles x10, Sun Gods front x10 and back x10, Chain Breakers x10 and Toy Soldiers x10

YHC decided these coupons were too small

The Thang:

We went back to the coupon pile to select a heavy coupon for a slow workout.


Holding the heavy coupon we did 4 Curls, 4 Squats, 4 Calf Raises and 4 Lunges (alpha count). We started near the cars, went to the roundabout and back. About 10 sets.

YHC decided these coupons were too big.


Went went again to the coupon pile and selected a mid-size coupon. Then we put it aside and run the loop once just to give our shoulders some reprieve.

Board of Pain

5 listed exercises – Curls, Big Boy Sit-ups, Bench Presses, Skull Crushers and Squats Thrusters. All done with the coupon, of course. Between each exercise we run (without the coupon) up and down the stairs. When done with the set we run the loop.

First round we did 30 of each exercise and second round 25 of each.

YHC decided theses coupons were just right!



Merkins x10 IC, American Hammers x10 IC, The Rosalita x15 IC


Prayers to lift up fear and distribute health

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