My Stick is Better Than Bacon

In a humorous attempt to make light of social distancing, YHC encouraged our PAX to get out of bed or thus face the wrath of Yoda:

However, YHC understands the fear is real and we all must do our part to stop the spread. All F3 workouts are optional and everyone must make the decision that’s best for them and their families. I hope the guys at Shadow can continue to post, as I believe we will now face a rising trend of depression from social distancing.

The PAX: GreenBean, Leon, Fireballs, Seles, Stroller & Slapstick (visiting from The Wreck), CIA, Sleeper, Suds, Chain Gang, Guard Dawg, Pit Boss & Ricochet.

13 Brave HIM posted on Saturday the 14th for some GreenBean tunes. It was nice to hear Suds blasting our theme song from his car before the start.


SSH x 15, IW’s x 15, MCs x 15, Arm Circles x 30, SSH x 15, IW’s x 15, Low Slow Squats x 15, Reverse Arm Circles x 30 (ouch).

The Thang: Follow me (carrying speaker- I need to find a lighter version): over to New Austin for Mary: LBC’s x 15, Mason Twist x 15.

Merkin Century- Bear Crawl Style- from curb to curb at new Austin entrance. Next:

More Mary: Freddy Mercuries x 15, Six Inches x 15, High Dolly x 15 (IC)

Stair runs- hands up on way up x 3.

Run to bottom of road, circle up for more Mary:

Dying cockroach x 15, Box-cutter’s x 15, Big Boy sit-ups x 15 (IC)

Follow me into Nature Center- watch out for the Manhole! Mosey up around playground equipment, back across to steep hill back down and cross the creek. Finishing at stump station for:

Jump-ups: OYO x 10, Dips x 10, Derkins x 10, jump ups OYO x 10, dips IC x 10.

Follow me up to new Nature Center building porch for Mary: 30-60-90 protractors? IC x 15, Big Boy sit-ups x 15.

Follow me through trails up to Roberts Dr. PLank for the six. Run back to virtual shovel flag at old Austin. Finish with BTTW!

Aye. Seles took us out eloquently. 10 for coffeeteria for one of the last days Starbucks was open to indoor dining.

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