Just glad to be outside

AO: The Gladiator

When: 03/17/2020

QIC: Speedo

PAX (6): Kegger, Pegleg, Brownie, Spandex, Bo Knows, Speedo


I didn’t sleep well last night and was up early needing to release some stress.  Thankful for the guys who could post today and totally understanding of the guys who chose not to post.


Mosey to pavilion parking lot with Irish music accompaniment

SSH 11x

Imperial Walker x11

Weed Picker x11


The Thang:

Starting on sideline at midfield line we did an exercise at each corner and at the midfield line:

  • 7 burpees then run down sideline to corner of pitch
  • 7 merkins then run down end line to opposite corner
  • 7 jump squats then run down sideline to midfield line
  • 7 plank jacks then run dow sideline to next corner
  • 7 squats then run down end line to the only corner we have not visited
  • 7 BBSUs then run to center circle
  • 7 bonnie blairs (alpha count) then plank for the six

Rinse and repeat but with 14 reps of each exercise

Rince and repeat again with 21 reps of each exercise (gave option for star jumps instead of burpees but no one took me up on that)

Once done we had completed 42 of each exercise and ran three laps around the field

We then played some blackjack. Starting on the sideline we did one merkin then ran to the other sideline and did 20 LBCs.  Back to other side for 2 merkins and back again for 19 LBCs…always added up to 21 reps.  Some guys got all the way to 18 or 19 merkins before YHC called for a merkin AMRAP (to failure).  The Cranberries and some other Irish band helped us through that one.

Back to the flag for a quick set of dying cockroach led by Spandex.


Spandex sister traveling from NY to FL – prayers for safe travels and continued recovery from stroke

Speedo nephew (age 12) had grand mal seizure on Sunday night.  Seems to be ok now and working with docs to try to determine root cause.

Prayers lifted up for peace, for wisdom to know what to do in the midst of our current circumstances, for strength in the face of adversity and for surrender and acknowledgment that we are not in control (thankfully) and God is in control!

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