AO: The Rubicon

When: 03/17/2020


PAX (12): Cookie, Pellets, White Claw, Pinkey, Cougar, Flo, Krueger, Trebek, Lumbergh, Devito, Lefty, M.T.


5 started the Pre-Run this morning & picked up a 6th man on route for a solid start.  6 more joined for what was to be a Full Body Toning morning.


Home base parking lot loop followed by our normal warm ups

The Thang:

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery plays well with F3.  I’ve enjoyed some varying forms of circuits lately at various AO’s and decided to go that route this morning.

After each man selected his own lifting coupon, we deposited them at the base of FOD hill and proceeded to the concessions building for the beginning of the 10 step Circuit run thru

30 second BTTW
20 Mercans
Proceed to Coupon at FOD Hill for 20 Curls
Run up and down Hill
20 Presses
Run backwards up and down Hill
20 Rows
10 Burpees at Home Base
Bear Crawl Home to Third Base
Lap around the field, exit at 1st base Foul Pole back to the start
20 Dips at Planters

Each man was on his own to do as many laps as time allowed.  Everyone pushed hard and several completed 5 full laps before time was up.  Fair amounts of mumble chatter involved per the norm.


Flo led a solid discussion about how the men of F3 are prepared for an event such as we are experiencing and how we need to be leaders for those around us during uncertain times.

Not much to discuss from an upcoming event standpoint as everything is cancelled or on hold

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Nice to have Flo and Cougar visit this morning.
An honor to lead and a good distraction from real life this morning.

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