Chasing Waterfalls

AO: The Galaxy

When: 03/12/2020

QIC: Yahtzee

PAX (7): Cha Ching, Wide Right, Sparky, Sprout, Fondue Guy, So So Def


YHC woke up in a daze. What a wonderful day it would be to stay in bed. YHC could never live that down. Dressed and in the car YHC’s commitment to Q would be fullfilled. The morning gloom weighed heavy on the drive but the gloom overtook YHC when the road was closed. The coronavirus knocked down a power line on the road and YHC had to find another way. With no GPS or great knowledge of the backgrounds Wide Right was the only solution. After a quick call and texted directions YHC made my way through the concrete jungle to lead the Galaxy. YHC arrived, 5 min late, to meet the PAX taking initiative in the middle of warm-o-rama


No Clue

The Thang:

Chasing Waterfalls

PAX grabbed lifting coupons from the cache and circled up for waterfalls (ring of fires)

  • Circle-air squats w/coupon
    • Waterfall – 25 curls (One PAX at a time around the circle while the others continued circle workout)
  • Circle-Over head press
    • Waterfall – Drop squats x10 (set coupon on ground stand up drop and pick back up is 1 rep)

Fartlek around parking lot

  • Circle – Plank
    • Waterfall – Merkin x15
  • Circle-Side Stradle Hop
    • Waterfall – Burpee x5


  • Circle – Bobby Hurley
    • Waterfall – Chest Press 25
  • Circle -FlutterKicks
    • Waterfall – Rocky Situps (Big boy situp with a double punch across body at top)


  • Circle – Curls
    • Water Fall – 7 Kettle swings
  • Circle – Arm Circles
    • Waterfall – Bent over rows 25


  • Circle – Air squats
    • Waterfall – Squat Jumps x10

Mosey back to flag for COT



  • Wide Rights Father in Law

Call out to all past Galaxy regulars to reinvigorate interest as season is warming up

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