F3Alpha and F3LakeNorman Weinke Swap

AO: The Bridge

When: 03/06/2020

QIC: Popper

PAX (15): Puff Daddy, Speedo, Doughboy, Meatball, Olaf, Homer, Birdie, Waterboy, Animal, Pooh Bear, Ballboy, Boomer, Flo, ReadyMix, Popper


Last July, YHC from F3 Alpha and Frogger from F3 Lake Norman met DR at #TheBean AO in @F3Chicago and discovered we both work for the same company, 250 miles apart. Lake Norman PAX incl Frogger later ran with Alpha PAX incl Saint2.0 in the 2019 Blueridge Relay, which forged the alliance of the two regions all the stronger. So started a long-distance bromance that culminated in Frogger and YHC swapping weinke’s and Q-ing each other’s workouts at the same agreed upon date/time, aka the Weinke Exchange Program.

YHC gave Frogger the infamous Bearway to Heaven weinke, BB found here: http://f3alpha.com/backblast/bearway-to-heaven/

Frogger gave YHC the weinke described below in this BB, and YHC sent out a pre-blast telling #TheBridge PAX to pack every coupon they got because this BD is all about the farmer’s carry.


Disclaimer then Farmer’s carry a whole mess of coupons to the town green loop.

YHC queued up a North Carolina-themed Spotify playlist (country, Petey Pablo, Earl Scruggs) and barked out:

  • 15 IC SSH
  • 10 IC ‘MERKINS

Mosey lap around green. Stop at memorial for:

  • 10 IC DIPS
  • 10 STEP UPs (each leg)

Mosey to the weird orb structure for the substantive portion of the BD.

The Thang:


  • Ten 4-count supine ROWS on the weird orb structure and One 4-count BIG BOY SIT-UP, decrement ROWS and increment BBS each round.
  • In between rounds, PAX FARMER CARRY two coupons 1 lap around the green.
  • Because the town green loop is likely not the full distance of the circumference around the Lake Norman ball field, pause half-way around the loop for extra credit 5 SQUAT-CURL-PRESS each round.

This routine took us all the way to Mary and no one finished all rounds. PSA: Farmer’s Carry for this long is not for the light of heart nor limp of wrist. PAX were stoic on the first lap, but mumble chatter kicked into high gear on the second. By the last, PAX were pausing every 50 feet to ease aching forearms and were happy to greet 6MOM.


  • 10 IC Homer-Marge-Mr. Burns. T-Claps to F3 Lake Norman for the shout-out in the Exicon for this core-burning gem.
  • 10 IC Peter Parkers
  • 10 IC Low Flutters
  • 10 IC Freddie Mercury


Praise and celebration for recent promotions at work for PAX and sons, a miraculous recovery of a daughter-of-a-friend, for brotherhood in the gloom accelerating all three F’s. Prayer for strength and humility to live in an understanding way with our M’s and to live as servant leaders.

Join the Promise686 obstacle course race team, or support financially. Talk to F3 team lead Sunshine.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

After today’s Farmer’s Carry beatdown, some #TheBridge PAX cited difficulty holding coffee cups and pens due to forearms all swole up like Popeye. Our consolation was that somewhere 250 miles away in the Lake Norman gloom, bear crawl suicides had elicited just as much mumble chatter and post-beatdown commiseration.

What is this mystery? That somehow men take on intimidating challenges in a group, suffer shoulder-to-shoulder (or long distance in this case), and forge a brotherhood stronger than steel? What a community F3 has created; YHC is thankful to be counted among it and proud to call Frogger and the Lake Norman PAX his brothers in the gloom.

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