AO: The Wreck

When: 02/28/2020

QIC: YaoMing

PAX (8): Bear, Backside, Juul, Turbine, G-Monkey, Rooney, Sell-out, TP, Deadbeat, YaoMing


First Q-lead, glad to add 3 more on pick-up around parking lot


Head toward Hell-Hill, and circled in the nearby parking lot for a quick warmup. Started with some side-straddle-hops before doing individual bodybuilders. Thought I had the cadence lingo down, but apparently not. I Will have to work on that before next Q. Good response to Oblique Plank Crunches (OPCs)

The Thang:

Headed to the Hill for two rounds of 25-50-25. Same exercise up and downhill with a change in exercise/reps once up top. Started with reverse sprints up the hill and then side-slide pushups. I didn’t realize how tough the pushup movement would be but it was a killer. Lunge down the hill. The next set was 50 BigBoys and the final set of the round was 25 T-Bombs.

I asked the guys to do finger jousting if they finished earlier which was a lighthearted rest break. Found out Bear was a beast at this.

The second round saw us backward bear crawl up the hill and sprint down, with the changing exercises of Tricep Dips (25), Squat-jumps (50), and Reverse Bicep Pushups (25) at the top. Was a tiring round. I had to switch to baby bear crawls and front crawls to make it through.

The last exercise was with a coupon. We did partner body carries and coupon shoulder lifts with a tricep curl at the top. Reps of 25 made the should exercise pretty challenging.

Everyone did great this morning and was a lot of fun leading the guys. I was impressed by the hustle and willingness to try some different exercises.

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