Reckless Verticality

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 02/27/2020


PAX (14): Shirley (FNG), Cookie, Half Dog, Devito, Pinkey, White Claw, Krueger, Special K, Waffles, Pitstop, Trebek, Lumberg, Zima


The team was informed yesterday we would stay warm thru the resistance of gravity.  Of course that could mean several things but on this day it meant hill work.  We had 6 Pre Runners already warm and wind tolerant including Pinkey on his second pre run in a row.


After a mosey to the back lot by the BB courts, we proceeded with SSH, Weed pickers  & hillbillies

The Thang:

On to the top of Brokeback and back down Ferrari Hill where instruction was provided.  Partnership Hill work.  Partner A performed an exercise while Partner B went to the top.  Partner A then ran the hill and relieved Partner B by starting a new exercise.  Partner B back down the hill for a new exercise.  First round, Mercans, Sumo Squats, V-Ups.  Second round, Carolina Dry docks, Mountain Goats and J-Lo’s.  A little confusing at first but everyone got it quick.  We finished at the bottom, ran back to the top, back down Brokeback.  30 Alpha count Lunges up the hill, 10 Burpee Broad jumps and then finish with backwards run to the top.  Back down.  One more trip up for an all you got lap.  Cookie sprinted and won per the norm.

Back to the flag for some Mary where Half Dog got some cadence training.


Convergence announcement for Saturday at some park up north??  Details a little skinny on this so far.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Nice TNT by Lumberg talking about the BlueRidge Relay and why it’s worth the effort
Appreciate the other 13 men coming along for some hill training
Always and Honor to Lead at the Rube!

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