AR Thursday Night

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 02/27/2020

QIC: dosido

PAX (4): dosido, popo, swiper, zohan


After a swing and a miss Tuesday night, YHC offered an alternative night-ruck for Thursday instead – and it was a home run!


We enjoyed perfect weather as 4 PAX began the adventure toward downtown Alpharetta; only being warned that a parking deck and a little running awaited us, otherwise we’d strictly be rucking for miles with no other funny-business. The mile or so to the deck served as the warmup, ruck the ramps to the top, drop the rucks, & commence the run portion.

The Thang:

Standard fair here, we’ve done this a million times if we’ve done it once, take the stairs all the way down to P1, run the ramps back up to the top, stairs to P2, run ramps back up, stairs to P3, run the long way back up, and lastly stairs to P4 and back. This progression is 0.7mi of uphill running, and everyone liked it a lot. Next we continued to ruck throughout the area returning to the Rubicon clocking in 4.42 total miles, with 1:10:37 of total movement time. Recovery beverage this evening was Pacifico – and it went down very fast and smooth; luckily, because just as YHC was closing the cooler, packing away all evidence, and closing the back door, we had a little visit by one of Alpharetta’s finest wondering what exactly we were up to at a park that had closed an hour earlier. Well, with some southern smooth talkin only popo could provide, we quickly won his heart as he described our evening activities and found out that he and the officer shared acquaintance with several fire fighters and special operators in the area; disaster averted, thank you popo!

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