Pinch-hit Q

AO: The Wreck

When: 02/26/2020


PAX (17): Turbine, Sprocket, Yao Ming, Norm, Rooney, Bear, Backside, Sellout, Rusty, Deadbeat, Wide Right, White Claw, Crablegs, Tubbs, Goat, Yankee, AFLAC


YHC has a habit of checking the Wreck Q sheet on a fairly regular basis, so it was quite alarming to see an ENTIRE WEEK of Q-less leadership on the horizon.  Thankfully, DD stepped up to deliver a typically-erotic BD on Monday, and YHC did a little planning in case a pinch-hitter was needed on Wednesday (hint:  it was).  Thankfully, Yao-Ming has plans for virgin leadership on Friday, even if the Q sheet might not show it (he’s still trying to get that sorted out).


After sweeping (“come on!”) Rusty, Q led PAX along the main road to the large parking lot for the following warm-ups:

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Hillbillys
  • Abe Vigodas

The Thang:

Direct all PAX to select a partner of no particular size or orientation, and head for the corner of the large parking lot.  Q was sure to accommodate the wounded (and freshly scooting) Turbine, which just so happened to be his partner for the day.

First exercise, catch-me-if-you-can Burpee style – Partner A performs 5 Burpees while Partner B runs (or scoots) backwards around the perimeter of the parking lot.  Partner A runs forward to catch Partner B and switch roles.  Rinse/repeat for 2 full laps.  It was noted that Turbine is lacking Tweaker’s cat-like agility on a scooter and was unable to navigate backwards.

Next exercise, head for the turf field for some catch-me-if-you-can Bears/Crabs style – Partner A performs 5 BBS while Partner B crab-walks around the perimeter of the turf field.  Partner A bear-crawls forward to catch Partner B and switch roles until an entire lap is completed.  This is an under-appreciated exercise that always results in PAX modifying down the stretch.

After some quick Mary, head for the stadium for a round of Ed Nortons (coined by Turbine in reference to a scene in American History X – discuss amongst yourselves).  For the uninitiated, format goes as follows – Partner A “wheelbarrows” Partner B up and down the stadium steps.  Simple, yet brutal.  YHC has been tinkering with format on this one, and today’s version would include a Merkin on each step.  PAX were all very thankful for an absent Foley, as nobody wants to carry his legs.

Speaking of which (with T-10 remaining), backwards-run toward the playground for a few rounds of The Foley with 5 Burpees between each set before heading back to the flag.


  • Prayers for friends/family of PAX suffering from illnesses.

AFLAC out.

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