Mardi Gras at the Gladiator

AO: The Gladiator

When: 02/25/2020

QIC: Stroller (@f3_stroller)

PAX (12): Delicious, Cheneral, Daddy Day Care, Tebow, Scratch Off, Speedo, Manchester, Brownie, Moonshine, Laces, Shrinkage, Stroller


With numbers potentially looking bleak for today, YHC tried to stir the pot on the Gladiator Slack channel yesterday to rally the troops. Several PAX quickly answered the call leaving me optimistic that our numbers would be strong.  Laces and I hit the pre-run at 0445 while Shrinkage, Manchester, Tebow, and Scratch Off opted for the 0455 edition.  4 more PAX met us at the flags to give us a solid 10 to start out.


Mosey around the back of the rec center to our usual warm-up spot.  Circle up for:

20 SSH

8 Weedpickers (slow)

10 Imperial Walkers

Hold plank for pop quiz- 5 core principles of F3.  This went much better than the last time YHC tried this, until we got to core principle #5- workouts end with a Circle of Trust.  Follow up the quiz with 10 merkins IC.

A couple more PAX joined us in time for the plank/merkins to give us 12 total.

Mosey down the main road to the upper pavilion.

The Thang:

I’ve been looking forward to my next Gladiator Q for a while and was even more excited when I realized today was Mardi Gras.  So we completed a MARDI GRAS beatdown.  Partner up for 100 cumulative reps each exercise.  One partner will perform the exercise while the other runs up the hill to the first speed bump and back.


American Hammer

Rocky Balboa


Incline Merkin

Gas Pumper

Reverse LBC

Alt Shoulder Taps


Once everyone was in, shortest of moseys back to the main road.  Line up to Lt. Dan back to the flag.  4 lunge walks, 1 squat; 8 lunge walks, 2 squats; 12 lunge walks, 3 squats, continue to increase in the same ratio.  Based on the feedback provided to the Q, the PAX would have preferred a mosey to this exercise.  By the time we hit round 5 I was inclined to agree with them.  We completed round 7 and could see the flags, which was good enough for YHC.  Mosey around the parking lot to shake loose.

At the flags, YHC called for some burpees (as we had not completed any during this beatdown) with escalating merkins.  First burpee, perform 1 merkin at the bottom.  Second, perform 2 merkins at the bottom, continue in similar manner until you perform 10 merkins at the bottom of the 10th burpee.

Time for a couple rounds of Mary.  Moonshine called his trademark LBC Flutter, and we had Freddie Mercuries and American Hammers before Speedo took us out with an extended set of Plank Jacks.  Fin.


Prayer requests for Brownie’s friend undergoing wrist surgery and our friend/neighbor undergoing hip surgery

Tebow exhorted us to consider giving up something this Lent

Shrinkage reported praise for a family friend’s daughter thriving after 2 open heart surgeries


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always good to be at the helm of the Gladiator!  Great to get Shrinkage, Manchester, and Tebow back out there.  And here is a reminder of the 5 core principles of F3:

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