Redemption (and a new exercise set)

AO: The Galaxy

When: 02/20/2020

QIC: Yahtzee

PAX (3): Soso Def, Percy


All prepped and ready the night before, YHC perfectly strategized the wake up to be redeemed from the recent serial fart sacking (one being through a scheduled Q YHC was going to lead). Waking up and running across the room to shut off the alarm before the 2.0 woke up worked like a charm. The gloom was particularly gloomy with temperatures in the high 30s and a continuous morale melter falling from the sky. Fart sacking was more tempting than making a political comment on social media tagging knee jerk Jerry knowing he couldn’t resist an argument. The true prize won out in the end…the prize of Redemption. YHC was in the car ready to set the record straight.

No one showed up…5:29 and YHC was swimming in a sea of empty parking spaces….all alone. But then…in the distance a blinker lit… a blinker that blazed like the North Star for the shepherds the night Christ was born. A blinker carrying the same message with far less significance…redemption.


20 side straddle hops

15 Toy Soldiers

15 Weed Pickers

15 Hillbillies

The Thang:

YHC concocted a workout just for this very occasion. Temporarily named Alarm Clocks for the redemption Q (currently holding the name of Tug-of-wars) and goes something like this:


Alarm Clock 1 

  • 100 reps starting with T-Merkins (new army standard merkin that is a hand release and positioning your arms out in a t formation, return to position merkin position and push up)
    • T-Merkins go until failure
    • Clean up the rest of the reps with bonnie blairs
  • 100 reps
    • WWII sit ups until fail
    • Clean up the rest with air squats
  • 100 reps
    • dips until fail
    • Clean up the rest with beam taps (pick a spot on pavilion beam and jump to touch each time)

Alarm Clock 2

  • Do the same rep sets starting with the 2nd exercise
    • Bonnies to fail – T merkins
    • Air squats to fail – WWII sit ups
    • Beam taps to fail – dips


20 Side shuffles approx. 10 yards (down an back as 1) brought us into time. Redemption was bought! (partially because YHC signed up for every thursday Q for the next 2 months).


  • Prayers for family and friends of PAX fighting cancer

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