Soggy Bottom Boys

AO: The Gladiator

When: 02/20/2020

QIC: Laces

PAX (12): Scar - Ponytail - Kegger - Brownie - Spandex - Scratch Off - Zohan - Chinerall - Daddy Daycare - Speedo - Laces - Stroller


The pre-run trio rolled up to see some HIMs waiting patiently (no rain yet) to begin the beatdown…all very nice a quietly mannered.


a short smooth mosey around the parking lot with some light calisthenics to get the blood flowing is always a nice way to wake up.  Circled up and proceeded with some SSH and weed-pickers followed by a tough Mucho-Chesto X2.  I felt he PAX was good and ready so we moved on…(still no rain)

The Thang:

Killer Bees – Bear Crawled about 100ft out, broad jumps (3) + burpees (5) all the way back.  Rinsed and repeated and changed cadence broad jumps (5) + burpee (3) then proceed to mosey down to the turf field…(lightly drizzling)

Four Corners Excelerator Partner Carry – by now the very nice quietly mannered HIMs were anything but quiet.  corner 1 (10 burpees), corner 2 (10 burpees + 20 merkins), corner 3 (10 burpees + 20 merkins + 30 mountain climbers) corner 4 (10 burpees + 20 merkins + 30  mountain climbers + 40 squats) carried partners on straight aways…the mumble chatter was booming

A  pleasant “chops and sprawls” session while waiting on Brownie to flush the brownie then moseyed to the nearest pavillion (steadily raining now)

The Cooper – the PAX worked hard to get in as much as they could (1 lap/10 burpees, 1 lap/9 burpees, 8, 7, 6, 5…and so on) to finish the drill, some may have even come close but it was time to head to the flag for some mary (initiate soggy bottom)



Kegger announced plans for the Polar Plunge Ruck Event which should be awesome!

Zohan & Stroller advocated for the Step Up Race to Embrace Tolerance 5K on March 8th

Scratch-Off birthday party coming up…Let’s just say that the invites are thrilled to be invited


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thank you men for letting me lead.  It is an absolute pleasure getting to Q and I enjoy every bit of it.  Thanks for working hard and pushing each other to get better.

Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”

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