Miserable Morning

AO: The Shadow

When: 02/20/2020


PAX (4): Doppelganger, Suds, FNG Guard Dawg


What can I say, it was a miserable morning, cold and very wet.  Most of you fartsacked, but we had an FNG who was happy to be there.


Side straddle hop 15x ic

Merkin 15x ic

Windmill 15x ic

Mountain climbers 15x ic

Imperial walker 15x ic

Rinse and repeat

The Thang:

Mosey down the gravel road to the track

Cherokee run 600 m

Manmakers 20x ic (thanks Chaingang)

Bear crawl across secret field

Mosey to Vanderlyn playground

11s (pull ups and Turkish get ups on the wet fake grass field)

Cherokee run up Trumbull and down Stratham with 2 stops for 10 Burpees oyo

Lunge walk halfway up Vanderlyn Drive hill, then sprint to the top

Rapid step ups on curb

Quick mosey back to the COT, with side straddle hop for the six



Madoff fartsacked, but he sent FNG Guard Dawg, a former UGA football player.  He was more enthusiastic about working out in the cold rain than the rest of us.

Doppelganger prayed for you fartsackers.

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