Tuesday’s with Spa”WR”rky

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 02/18/2020

QIC: Wideright

PAX (5): So so def, Tweaker, Yahtzee, Cha Ching


welcome and disclaimer

walking warmup with 10x IC imperial walkers, toy soldiers, SSH to the left and right, lunges, arm circles and mosey to lower pavilion (grabbed lifting coupons OTW)

The Thang:

Ladder time!

10x rounds and I choose first exercise then add another exercise with PAX choice

each exercise is 15x reps on your own, building like a ladder to round 10

rd 1-WR box jumps

rd 2- Yahtzee added T merkins “BRUTAL” to box jumps

rd 3-Tweaker added curls W/C

rd 4-Cha ching added overhead press W/C

rd 5-so so def added LBC’s (W/C)

rd 6- WR added squats W/C

rd 7- Yahtzee added rows

rd 8- Tweaker added WWII W/C

rd 9- Cha Ching added Brench Press

rd 10- So so def added T Bombs

deposit coupons and mosey to flag, TIME!



prayers for Tweaker’s Dad in hospice, Sparky traveling and all Galaxy brothers to return to the grind!

Fred the Marine – went to the Lord’s house yesterday, he will always be remembered, SEMPER FI

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