Return of the Killer Bs

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 02/15/2020

QIC: Stroller (@f3_stroller)

PAX (15): Casper, Dosido, Special K, Boomer, Pinkey, Devito, Pumba, Sculley, Cookie, MT, Nacho Libre, Mayhem, Electric Worm, Stroller, Squirtle


Over the last 3 months YHC has finally started posting to the Widowmaker fairly regularly, but has yet to Q.  When I noticed an open Q for this Saturday, I knew it was my turn to step up and lead.  But how could I put together a BD worthy of this AO?  Hmmmm…to the archives…

4 PAX posted for Twisted Surprise with Sculley coming in hot for the last 10 minutes.  3 ruckers posted as well for a strong showing on this cold day.


Long-ish mosey on the upper trail and down the stairs.  Circle up for SSH.  A super-set was planned, but Mufasa and Pitstop drove through after answering the early bell and the SSH energy was unfortunately lost.  Off to a great start.  Continue with Imperial Walkers and Toy Soldiers.  Take a moment to think if I want to do another warmup or just get on with the program.  Yep, let’s get to the main event.

The Thang:

After some thought about hard beatdowns, it hit me…back to the IronPAX workouts.  Killer Bs stood out for a workout that would challenge us but also leave time for other shenanigans.  YHC arrived to the AO early to measure out 10 yard increments and place two lines of cones for the PAX.  We arrived at the field and found the cones as well as a board of pain to remind the PAX of the exercises, although they would all get the hang of it pretty quickly.  As a reminder:

-Start on goal line, Broad jump 10 yards

10x burpees

10x Bonnie Blairs (single count, get your leg down)

10x Big Boi Sit Ups

-Broad jump 10 yards, perform 10x of the 3 exercises

-Broad jump 10 yards, perform 10x of the 3 exercises.  Bear crawl back to start (30 yds)

Perform a total of 5 rounds.  The mumblechatter was strong during this one, with several PAX requesting a trip to the Widowmaker rather than another round.  Boomer and Mayhem led the way and kicked off some Mary for the 6.  Once everyone was in, the PAX provided an extended ten count and we took a short mosey to the rock pile at the edge of the parking lot.

PAX were instructed to grab a lifting coupon, and we circled up for an arm-burner featuring curls, overhead presses, and skull crushers.  PAX were informed we would start with 2x each exercise and increase by 2 each time.  Also, we would pass our rock after each round and go until the Q saw a rock he didn’t want to lift.  After the first round, we realized that passing the coupons was not a great idea so instead we would drop the rock and rotate left.  We made it up to 16 reps each before YHC had enough and called it.

Still time to hit the Widowmaker.  Mosey to the bottom, and unfortunately YHC’s brain seemed to give out here.  Good thing the PAX were ready to help me out.  After much deliberation, it was determined that we would perform a quick modified Cooper.  Run up the hill, 10x burpees, squats, merkins.  Run down, 5x of each exercise.  Run to the top for 5x each exercise again.  With time running low, we formed two lines for a spirited Indian Run back to the flag.

Just enough time to crank out rounds of flutters and T-Bombs.  Fin.


Prayers for TopHat and family on the loss of his dad

Prayers for the Cookie family as his middle child has the flu

Prayers requested for the Q and family as I return to work this week after 4 weeks paternity leave

Naked-Man Moleskin:

As we discussed during Twisted Surprise, there’s something special about coming out on Saturdays and exercising with PAX across the region that really hooks you in to F3.  Love getting to work out and connect with PAX from Hooch, Rubicon, Norseman, and beyond.  These men inspire me to be better.

Great to see strong numbers here recently, and I know there are lots of guys at our home AOs who we can EH for an extra dose of pain on Saturdays.  Thanks for letting me lead, looking forward to the next one!

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