Will you be my Valentine?

AO: The Bridge

When: 02/14/2020

QIC: Ready-Mix

PAX (10): Saint 2.0, Animal, Julius, Puff Daddy, Flo, Ace, Meatball, Birdie, Homer, Ready-Mix


In an effort to get our Valentine’s Day started off right, and maybe prep our PAX to get ready for a night of love, we met in the early morning gloom to push ourselves!


Standard issue warm up Mosey lap, SSH, Weed-Pickers, Imperial Walkers. x12 Each. Only we were pushed by the romantic love ballads of the 1980’s.  Also willing to pass on this playlist to anyone that needs it later for any special purposes this evening.

The Thang:

Personal valentines were passed out to each member of the PAX with a special treat that included the following:

  • Partner Up: 1 man did Laps around the theater while the other did block curls
  • Partner Up: 1 man did crossover block Merkins while the other did balls to the wall (that was an especially great valentine gift if I must say)
  • 6″ for the entire PAX while individual men ran to the hill and rode the slide and back
  • 50 Side Straddle Hops
  • 35 Dips at the Monuments
  • Four Corners: 5x Star Jumps and 5x Squats
  • Four Corners: 10x Merkins, Burpies
  • 25x V-Ups, Box Cutters, LBCs and Freddy Mercury’s
  • 2 others I just can’t remember because I’m old


Prayers all around including Flo and Ready-Mix for work transitions/promotions, lifted up Birdie with his Dallas road trip upcoming, Julius has employees with health issues, some safety concerns, etc.  And especially let us all remember Pooh-Bear today and tomorrow with his mother’s funeral services in NY.  Let us all be leaders at home with our wives and kids, loving them well!  Happy Valentine’s day gentlemen.

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