LOVE and HEARTS For Valentines

AO: The Wreck

When: 02/14/2020

QIC: Bear

PAX (24): Yankee, Switch, Yao Ming, Tubbs, Goat, Sprocket, FNG (Gru), Choo Choo, Foley, Sellout, Grease Monkey, Brutis, Norm, windex, Cutie, Rooney, Swamp Donkey, Backside, Juul, Rusty, Circus, Doogie, Crablegs, Bear


Valentines Day! I was happy to take the Q and build a nice romantic easy listening playlist!

Glad you made it out Taylor (now Gru)


Mosey to the football field concrete bleachers.

Plank position for plank warmup (regular, plank jacks, right arm out / left leg up, flapjack, shoulder taps, right arm up, left arm up)

The Thang:

L – LL Cool J x 25

O – OYO 2 min of stn mtn merkins

V – Vacuum Cleaners (wheelbarrow up 5 yards; do 5 derkins; back 5 yards; do 5 derkins) switch with partner until both have done 4 sets.

E – Escalators – 10 Wall Jumps / 20 burpees / 30 Merkins / 40 Squats / 50 Lunges


H – Hand release Merkins at 50 yard line – do 20 run to goal line and back – 2 sets

E – Escalators again

A – Angle Grinder Merkins (skipped for time)

R – Russian Twist – (skipped for time)

T – Tooth Fairy up concrete bleachers

S – Sprints – 4 all out 50 yard sprints

Mosey back to flag / Sorry we were a couple minutes past time

thanks Swamp and Goat for carrying the speaker back!



Bonfire at Bear’s house Sat 2/15 – reach out for details

Keep lifting up Fred the Marine, Aflac’s daughters friends, and everything else going on.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Love you guys!

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