Jumanji 4 : Starring Devito coming to theaters soon

AO: The Rubicon

When: 02/13/2020

QIC: NoSeeUm

PAX (16): Pellets, Miller Time, Fanny Pack, False Start, Pinky, Grease Monkey, Rusty, Lil Hurt, Cookie, Krueger, Devito, Pitstop, Milli Vanilli, Special K, Mayhem, No-See-Um


YHC was pumped when his pal Miller Time was able to find him one last spot in the month of February on the Rubicon Q sheet…..and it just happened to be the perfect day.  Although rain was in the forecast and calling for 90%, there was nothing falling from the sky when the 5:00 am pre-run started.  Yes!!!  The rain dance the night before worked……….well, sorta……..not really 12


After a quick disclaimer it was time to mosey to the parking lot for the morning’s warm-up so the 16 pax were off.  With the help of some F3 Alpha pax doing some digging, YHC let the men know he would be recycling his VQ from almost five years ago along with a special nugget towards the end.


Imp Walkers x15

Squats x15

SSH x15

Flutter Kicks x15

LBC x15

The Thang:

On to the rock pile and everyone grab a rock for some Field of Dreams. After partnering up, the pax were instructed to drop a rock and keep their biggest/heaviest of the two.

Everything’s gotta have a name, right??  And sometimes corny ones…….

Alpharetta Twisters:

Partners back to back and pass rock to each other x10 (Standing) and x 10 (holding Al Gore position).

Hard-CORE Helmey’s:

Partners facing each other on six and legs locked. Big Boy Sit-ups with rock. Each do 20!

Pellets enjoyed getting to know his partner on a more personal level and is looking forward to his next Q so he can implement some of the same partner exercises…. 12

All pax then plank on foul line while waiting on the six.  Spiderman Crawls to 2nd Base (in a straight line) and then Sprint to warning track/fence in RF.

On warning track:

-10 Tempo Merkins (IC)

-10 Burpees OYO

-10 Crunchy Frogs (IC)

Frankensteins to 2nd Base and Sprint back to rocks and Repeato ONE MORE TIME!  Change to Bear Crawls to 2nd Base……

On warning track:

-10 Diamond Merkins (IC)

-10 Burpees OYO

-10 Sweat Angels (IC)

And then Imperial Walkers back to 2nd Base followed by sprint on in.

Back to rock pile and discard!  Here the pax formed a tight circle for the surprise nugget of YHC’s VQ from back in the day.  When preparing and reading back over the BB, YHC did not remember that Darth Visor handled the other half of the beatdown that day.

Straight from the BB back in June of 2015……….

“Follow DARTH VISOR…..let’s Mosey!”  Darth had us “Team up for some SEAL SIT UPS 50 count rest at 25.”

So that is what the pax did………it was a grind, but it got done!

Next was a quick Scout run with Scout doing Shoulder Taps until last guy passes him.  YHC was hoping for a longer Scout Run but one of the pax decided to turn back a little early so the men did some wall sits and performed some amazing Monkey Humpers to finish off our sweat fest for the morning.  That is after a little All You Got back to the flag!

Annnnnddddddd this is about the time the bottom fell out and that forecast turned out to be true.


Pitstop has an FNG he’s working on and prayers that he can get him out soon.  Prayers and praise also asked for YHC’s M as she just went through a minor procedure to remove a small cyst from chin and all went well.  But she’s also been dealing with a lot at work and stressed out to the Nth Degree.



Naked-Man Moleskin:

The pax at the Rubicon were very welcoming and always great to be back.  There was no “heckler” in the group like YHC’s VQ which was nice although there may have been a few cussing the Q during those Seal Team Sit-Ups.  One of the biggest observations of the morning beatdown……No One does a Monkey Humper like ole Devito.  Almost thought the pax were in Jumanji 3 for a minute!

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